Finish the Year Strong — Dec 2019 Gym Updates!

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Hey guys!!! We have a bunch of announcements!!! Aren’t you glad I didn’t try to send this in a text?!

Please read below to ensure you’re aware of everything going on at CFS!

We are so thankful for each one of you! 🙂


  • Schedule Changes Effective December 1
    • 5am: CrossFit
    • 6am: CrossFit
    • 7:45am: Ladies Only CrossFit with Childcare
    • 8:45am: BootCamp with Childcare
    • 12:15pm: CrossFit
    • 4:30pm: BootCamp with Childcare
    • 5:30pm: CrossFit
    • 6:30pm (Mon-Thurs only): CrossFit
    • 7:30pm (Mon-Thurs only): BootCamp
    • Saturday: 8:30 – CF / 10am -BC
    • Sunday: Open Gym 3-5



  • Attendance Challenge: Need additional accountability?! Join the challenge!
    • $20 per person goes into “the pot”
    • 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place winners gets “the pot”
    • Each week that you get 5 points, you will get one entry in the drawing for the following prizes:
      • A free one-month membership
      • A free cryo session
      • A free Styku session
    •  Rules
      • Earn points for attending classes Dec 1 – Jan 4
      • One point per class attended Mon-Fri or Open Gym
      • Two points per class attended on Saturday
      • Max of 2 points per day
      • Max of 8 points per week







  • Revised Holiday Schedule for the last week of December – stay tuned for more details!


  • Looking Ahead:



    • Our big Healthy Body/Nutrition Challenge will begin January 13, 2020
      • More details to come!
      • Plan to be involved!!!!


    • Granite Games Spring Throwdown here in Snyder Feb 22!!! 
      • It will be the last chance to qualify for the GG Championships
      • It will be at the coliseum
      • This WILL sell out so please have your teams ready to register as soon as registration goes live so that all our Snyder Teams can participate!



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